SunCentric supports an international client base made up of new and established PV, inverter, finance, project developer, integrator, and distributor companies.

Our team has experience with the entire solar channel from manufacturing to system ownership.

We support our clients with a variety of business planning, training, market data, sales, marketing, technical, and engineering services. We participate at a high level with government, industry and advocacy groups about federal and state programs and are well versed in the specific developments of the programs and their impact on business.

• U.S. market entry issues
The current solar market is a complex maze of regulations, national, state and local programs rules, supply issues, financial uncertainties, and competition. We can help you understand each of these factors and identify the opportunities for your company and products.

• The commercial impact of government programs
Government subsidies are enabling the growth of the industry but can affect sales, operations and finance. We track each program's status, economic feasibility and trends to help you keep on top of changes that can impact your results.

• Real world financial modeling, planning and implementation
Creating accurate business models in the solar industry is challenging. Gain confidence in the level of financial commitment required – and profit potential. Include industry pricing, costs, margins and cash flow information in your plan. Let us check your assumptions, offer guidance and help you set realistic goals.

• Solar PV training and professional mentoring
We have trained over 1,000 people including electricians, HVAC, roofers, new entrants and current solar professionals in the commercial and residential space. As subject matter experts we provide unbiased information on technical and business solutions, solar electric sales approaches, and “best practices” for design and installation. As professional mentors we lead in depth discussions for executives on a variety of solar topics that bring clarity to the subject and increase business decision making certainty.

• Solar marketing services
We can provide complete support for your sales and marketing programs. We works across a wide range of media, including web, interactive, print, video, sound and tradeshow exhibits. Our solar clients depend on us to integrate design solutions custom tailored for their needs.

• Technical and engineering support
We can help you cost effectively and efficiently navigate safety listing agency issues, understand National Electric Code requirements, advise on product selection and performance issues and review system design and energy production estimates.

• Product selection, qualification and procurement
Current product constraints and changing costs can impact customers, undermine operations and effect finances. We can help you choose reliable partners to provide quality system components for your business.

• Key contact introductions
We have a growing U.S. and international network of top level contacts. They can broaden your knowledge, enhance your perspectives and supply valuable information.

• SunCentric business perspective seminars and webinars
To support the industry's expansion, SunCentric has created SunCentric Business Perspectives seminars and webinars, to offer a periodic forum to discuss issues and develop solutions that impact the solar electric industry.


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